When BLINFORT, which is always searching for new technologies, installs “E-VOLUTION” on its armoured doors, don’t be surprised if we say that intelligence means greater security.
“E-VOLUTION”, intelligent electronic lock designed for the future of security and featuring different opening systems: “TRANSPONDER” (small intelligent key), “KEYPAD” (numerical key), “BIOMETRIC READER” (your finger is the key) designed to satisfy all your needs. A true to life safedeposit box that recognises its “owner” and grants him access.
• For maximum “convenience”: a simple movement of the door automatically activates the system and all the bolts engage to provide full locking. If the system fails, a luminous signal is emitted.
• For maximum “security”: if the door is not opened within 15 seconds of being given the command, the lock re-engages automatically. The system is also flexible enough for use in public buildings where it is possible to manually programme the door to unlock at specific times.

• For maximum “practicality”: including in emergency situations, the door can be unlocked mechanically by one complete rotation of the traditional key.
The intelligence doesn’t end here: “E-VOLUTION” is also designed to record all the locking and unlocking operations. This makes it possible to have a history of events (traceability) at any time and it can also be interfaced with the intelligent management system installed in the house (home automation) or even an existing or proposed alarm system.
Intelligent technological solutions that don’t change your habits but simply improve them.

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COMFORTLOCK combines the easy to use reversible key with a handy and at the same time burglar-proof locking system.
Simply turning either the inside or outside handle upwards rapidly and securely locks the armoured door.

Similarly, in the case of an emergency, simply rotating the handle downwards opens the door immediately (this function can be enabled or disabled).

In order to protect the user, the door can only be opened from the outside using the key.
If need be, the lock can also be activated in the traditional manner using the keys provided.

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A high-tech lock activated by a European type cylinder that can be opened by a rotating knob on the inside and a reversible key on the outside.
The key is smaller and lighter than the traditional double bit key. The lock can be integrated in a master system using just one key to open any number of doors, e.g. gate, garage and, obviously, the armoured door itself. However, what makes this lock unique is the smooth “rotating action” of the key which, thanks to a special gear mechanism, makes the turning movement that much easier. In fact, only a small effortless action is required to move the armoured door bolts. A perfect balance between security and convenience

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Recodable double bit system

"In addition to the security characteristics of the standard lock, a patented system used in this model al- lows the combination of the key to be changed wi- thout having to change the entire lock or any part of it. The combination is changed by simply using the key, thus making any old «risky» copies unusable. Changing the combination is easy and is carried out with the door open, thus avoiding any unwanted changes. The simple operations are described in the"

"«Guide to changing combinations» found inside the sealed box together with a special combination changing tool and numbered ownership card, pro- viding further protection against illegal copies. The operations are simple and fast and can be repeated an unlimited number of times. «New Easy change» is the result of our efforts to not just supply modern and intelligent solutions but also to satisfy the require- ments and the «need for security» of the consumer, always searching for innovation and quality, the basic principles behind the BLINFORT armoured doors."

"IDEAL for those who, by choice or necessity, must be replaced often the key."

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The idea behind this lock is simple: multi as opposed to single. Consequently, two locks in one, combining the advantages of the double lever lock with those of the European cylinder. The combination of these two systems makes the most of security and convenien- ce, the basic principles adopted by BLINFORT who, depending on your needs, can offer two versions: VERSION «A» WITH SERVICE KEY PLUS MASTER KEY The key for the upper lock (service) allows access to selected persons (maid, babysitter, etc.) by activating the spring latch and upper bolt, only when the lower lock (master) is in the unlocked position. On request, with the double lever + double lever and cylinder + cylinder functions, the key for the lower lock (master) can also operate the upper lock.


The key for the upper lock provides added security in the case o burglary attempts by blocking the lower lock when it is in the locked position. In addition, the double lever + double lever function also closes the keyhole of the lower lock. The lower lock operates the lower bolts and the latch, thus enabling the upper lock to be blocked. In both versions, the range varies according to the different combinations of «double lever» and «cylinder» to offer 4 different functions:

1. double lever + double lever

2. double lever + cylinder

3. cylinder + cylinder

4. cylinder + easy change double lever.

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Cylinder System

"EXITLOCK is the security lock designed specifically for "public buildings."

"A simple yet safe system that protects and at the same time guarantees a rapid exit from the premises in an emergency by simply pushing down the handle or pa- nic bar. When the door is closed, the device allows th- ree possible types of entry using the spring latch only (bolts retracted):"

"A_ Using the key: access is granted only to those with keys."

"B_ With the handle unlocked by the key: public ac- cess during certain times of the day."

"D_ With the handle always unlocked: public access allowed when the bolts are retracted."

"EXITLOCK complies with standards UNI EN 1125 (panic exit bars), UNI EN 179 (emergency exits) and Europe- an Directive 89/106/CCE, which makes these security measures obligatory."

"Easy to manage security, easy to manage access."

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This is the most common of all the locks used on armoured doors, but beware.

Take a good look at the bits of our keys, unlike the other so-called “fixed consistency” keys on the market, the distance between the ends of two opposite teeth on our keys varies for each pair.

This is what “independent bits” are, each one different from the next.

Thanks to this technical characteristic, which not all keys have, we can provide our customers with millions of  possible  combinations, thus reducing the percen- tage risk of interference or decoding. Small measures that provide high security.

IDEAL for those seeking a patented safety

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