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• SUB-FRAME: Manufactured from thick galvanised steel plate complete with spacers and adjustment slots. Walled-in using adjustable anchors.

• FRAME: Manufactured in steel profile with appropriately shaped reinforced rebate, retro-stiffened with steel plate, complete with extruded rubber rebate seal. Electrostatically applied epoxy powder finish in “brown” colour (RAL n. 8017).

• DOOR LEAF: Consists of a steel structure of appropriate thickness (resistance class 3), stiffened around the perimeter using steel profiles shaped to house the extruded rubber door seal and sound insulation seal. All the exposed metal parts have the same finish as the frame. Three-way security lock with four pins operated by a “double bit” key (independent bits) or with Europrofile cylinder complete with “escutcheon (DEFENDER) mobile lower/ upper deviators with square head pins and upper bolt with nickel plated steel terminals. Heightadjustable camouflaged high-strength metal alloy hinges and hexagonal hinge bolts reinforced with metal elements. Wide-angle spy hole and underdoor “automatic closing” device (mobile drop sill) for internal doors with smooth threshold, or anodised aluminium “fixed threshold rebate” profile with rubber seal for external doors ( ). Lined on both sides with woodfibre panels veneered in solid mahogany or Tanganykan walnut for internal doors, or on the outer side with smooth parallel fibre marine type plywood panel for external doors. External brown skirting and internal wire covers in anodised silver colour aluminium or painted in mat finish standard colours. External fixed knob and internal handle in anodised silver/bronze finish cast aluminium

Misure Standard

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